London Baby

Ok, so admittedly my posts have been a little infrequent, and I can only apologize. I do promise to once again get back on the blogging, now that the big move has taken place! That's right, I moved to London two weeks ago to begin my new course at London College of Fashion!

So, let me fill you in. It's been weeks of preparation and quite frankly chaos as I moved all of my things into my new home (and let me just say it's surprising how much stuff a little person has) and started my new life. So far I've explored the sites of the city, from Covent Garden to Oxford Street, and since Fresher's week is well underway I have also explored the utter exhaustion from lack of sleep. The Fashion of course is amazing. I've always thought London had an edge when it came to street style, and you don't need to look far in order to see that fashion is everywhere in this city. Yesterday I made a trip to LCF in order to watch the film 'Bill Cunningham's New York', an intimate portrait of the photographer and his passion for street style and clothes. A very inspiring documentary, I highly recommend watching. Anyway, I begin my course on Monday, and I promise to keep you posted on all the events and happenings in London town! xx

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