Vanessa Paradis

My new July issue of Vogue arrived in the post this morning! Of course, I immediately began frantically flicking through the glossy pages in search of the fashion shoots (it's always the first thing I look for in Vogue) and I saw what I think is my favourite collection of photographs in this months issue. Vanessa Paradis is shot by Mario Testino, wearing a Chanel lace body and lingerie, paired with a Chanel couture jacket, her pixie curls tumbling on to her shoulders as she plays with the camera in that peek a boo style she does so well. I love this shoot for it's grace, it's elegance and the classic rose tinted colouring. Being a Chanel fan, it's not often I am disappointed with their creations, but I think what makes these photographs so intriguing as well as classic is Paradis herself. I can't admit to being particularly familiar with Paradis's career, only aware of it from a distance, but since I'm a fan of her long term lover Johnny Depp, I've always been aware of her presence. Whilst I can't deny my jealously for her beauty and her love life, I also can't deny her grace, intelligence and as Vogue describes 'allure'. She certainly has that. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do. xx


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing them. LOVE those shorts—SO sexy!

  2. Great layout and I love the Channel Cuffs...


  3. I love Vanessa,she is so cool!