Homespun Crafts

Homespun crafts were predicted to become one of the most popular trends of the spring/summer season this year, and it looks as though they've done just that. It is no doubt my favourite trend of the season, I even wrote about it for the Vogue Annual talent contest. The feathers, the weaving, the influence of nature, all encapsulate the summer so well. Searching the web for inspiration, I have picked some of my favourite pieces from the catwalk that show off these trends. Amongst them are creations for Roberto Cavalli, Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti, and Gucci. But it's not just designers that are taken with the boho. Unlike many other runway designs that never appear to make it on to the highstreet, homespun crafts has flooded the shops. Crochet is taking over, and I am by know means pretesting. The best places to grab yourself a boho top or jacket I think is currently All Saints, Topshop, New Look, and of course any vintage store is bound to stock some treasures. I am a frequent wearer of boho, which I find goes very well with some chunky boots, a straw hat for the summer (this style goes very well with festivals) and wearing your hair wavy with a centre parting. I think even after summer is over, I will be wearing this trend for many seasons to come.

Sienna Miller, in my opinion the queen of homespun crafts.

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  1. Love this trend....SO MUCH! I love how you can personalize it to your own style too! Awesome post!