Chanel Cruise Collection

So I was scrolling through the Vogue UK site this afternoon, and the Chanel Cruise Collection caught my eye. Like many, I adore Chanel. The sophistication, the iconic black and white, the timeless elegance Karl Lagerfeld brings to the label, and of course, who could ignore the style of the revolutionary Coco Chanel. In this collection, Lagerfeld embodies the classic Chanel label. Blake Lively, the current face of Chanel, wore a black sequinned jacket pinned together with a silver rose broach. However, we did see more unique items in the show. Models strode down the catwalk in printed maxi dresses, brightly coloured, some with tribal prints, perhaps not what we expect to see from Mr Lagerfeld. Personally, I loved the collection. I liked that it was different to what we are used to seeing from the iconic label, and because of the flamboyancy it gave off a very summery vibe. My favourite item? Perhaps a sheer grey maxi dress, one of several white and grey garments in the collection. It floated down the catwalk, the sheer material fluttering in the gentle breeze, and the sequinned detail around the plunging neckline really complimented the sunset that rested upon the shore. The dress looked so elegant in fact that as in many of Chanel's items, you did not need accessories to accompany it, the dress was enough. Let me know what you think of the collection, what's your favourite piece? xx


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  2. Love this collection but anything Chanel would.

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  3. Beautiful post, I am in love with the last dress.

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