Lara Stone in Brighton

Model Lara Stone has once again appeared in Vogue this November, this time wandering around Brighten pier in a white lace dress, pumps and bag, accompanied by a trench coat and candy floss. The hair is flyaway, and the monotone colours make her seem very cool indeed. Vogue describes the scene as 'snowy princess coats, embellished minidress's and ladylike accessories.' I particularly enjoyed the image of Stone clutching what looked to be an old professionally camera, a wide mouthed smile and her bleach blonde hair fluttering in her face. I may be following the trend by comparing Stone to Bridget Bardot, but with the beach in the background and the sixties minidress's it would be shameful of me not to notice the similarities in their appearances. Perhaps it is best however not to mention the flaws in the practicality's that I keep torturing myself with, for example, 'isn't she cold' or 'those heels do not look practical for the beach'. Although the Valentino may not be practical, there is no doubting that it looks amazing. Stone makes the outfits appear easy and casual, draping a Ralph Lauren cardigan over her shoulders, and resting the crystal white bag on her arm. Oh how I long for a Chanel mini-dress, and possibly some candy floss.

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