As a fashion student, I find myself constantly reevaluating trends, and capturing looks that inspire me. This is what I love about fashion, the ability it has to change your mind at literally, the drop of a hat. As you may have read from my post 'Adopting Androgyny' a while ago, lately I have become encapsulated by this arguably grunge style, slightly reckless style of dressing. Although somewhat difficult to pull off, fashion veterans such as Kate Moss have no trouble illustrating it. Models Cara Delevingne and Clemence Poesy, despite not expressing a style quite as extreme, portray how one can adapt androgyny to everyday dressing. The Olsens, recently stated Vogue's Best Dressed, continue to develop their unique style into not only a high end designer brand, but winning numerous awards for such effortless dressing. One can only dream of having such coolness, come so naturally.

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