I have just returned form a weeks vacation to Cornwall, the seaside surf land of England, and I thought it was about time to get back to the blogging. I've been to Cornwall many times, but never have I really experienced the niche of this particular fashion community before, since the last time I visited I was twelve and made many mishaps when it came to dressing. On this visit, I was keen to look like I belonged in this beach environment, and so I went the seaside preppy route, opting for striped tops, Barbour checked shirts, knitted cardigans (it's never that hot in England, even in the summer months) and suede loafers. Cornwall has this laid back vibe, full of surfers and sunbathers, and it's very difficult to stop yourself from joining in. I highly recommend the seaside look, even if you don't live near a beach. It's relaxed, yet smart, and perfect for the summer months. If you need inspiration, Bridget Bardot provides an excellent starting point. Her golden blonde locks are perfect for the beach vibe, and if you don't feel blonde is for you, even a bit of back combing will create that messy, surfer chic look. Theses photographs are a few snaps from my holiday, and a taster of Bridget Bardot, particularly from her days of 'And god created woman'. Enjoy! xx

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