New York, it's a hell of a town

Fellow bloggers, I have returned from the city that never sleeps, (admittedly I returned a while ago but the hectic winter schedule meant that I was delayed in posting this entry) and I can tell you that it was certainly an adventure. If you have never been to New York, then simply imagine the movies and the songs in your mind, and they will undoubtedly be true. New York is a city of wonderment, loudness and bright lights. I was fortunate enough to be there over part of the Christmas period, which meant that the razzle dazzle was out proud for the world to see ( there are so many lights you can see the pollution rising from on top of The Empire State Building) and of course the crazy Christmas shoppers. One word of advice, avoid Macy's whilst Santa's in town! Of course, the wardrobe was essential, with my staple piece of clothing being undoubtedly a faux fur leopard print trapper hat I had purchased previously, and a large fur trimmed duffel coat for those chilly winter evenings walking along fifth avenue. And speaking of Fifth, no trip to New York was without a purchase from Tiffany's. I truly felt like Audrey Hepburn staring enchantingly at the glittering diamonds, spread over the store like sprinkles on a cupcake. So, a purchase was necessary. Of course I couldn't afford diamonds, but a sterling silver ring engraved with the Tiffany's inscription was certainly sufficient. Yes it meant that I struggled to live of the remaining dollars I had left, but it was worth it (I particularly enjoyed the part where the salesman eyes nearly popped when he saw my doll sized fingers for the ring). Above are some of the pictures we took, I would put more on but unfortunately I an only place 5 on here at a time! I shall round off by retelling a quote from the ever so famous Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. When asked why living in Manhattan is so fantastic, she answered 'Because it is.' Well said Carrie, well said.

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